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Education: Learn More About Water Resources

This section is geared towards students and teachers (K-12) as well as citizens. If you are a student, use the links below to access websites and documents that can help you better understand water resources. If you're a teacher, use the links below to view Atlas-related lesson plans and links to educational resources related to education about water. If you're a citizen, use the links below to better understand the data on the Atlas and learn about maintaining the health of area water resources.

Watershed Excursion Watershed Excursion

The Watershed Excursion page was created to allow citizens the ability to take their watershed trip information, upload it, and access it via the web.

Biomonitoring Program Biomonitoring Program

Seminole County scientists have developed an advanced biological monitoring designed specifically for monitoring macroinvertebrate communities in Seminole County's waterbodies.

Climate Change & Florida Climate Change & Florida

Just the consideration of a changing global climate is confusing and bewildering. What is happening? What will this world be like for our children and our children's children?

Curriculum for Teachers Curriculum for Teachers

The curriculum is designed to provide easy access to educational activites focused around the watershed.

Stormwater Education Stormwater Education

Learn more about stormwater systems.

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