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Winter Springs city leaders say major wastewater infrastructure issues will be resolved by 2030

WINTER SPRINGS — The city of Winter Springs has had its share of water issues — from a yellowish-colored water coming from faucets, wastewater plant issues, fire hydrant maintenance and failing lift stations.

But city officials say they now have goals and timelines in place to improve needed infrastructure.

Winter Springs officials say the city is looking into operating its own wastewater plant in the coming years

A new wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to break ground in 2025 costing over $100 million

Fire Hydrant maintenance in the city is expected to be completed in next 120 days

Current Mayor Kevin McCann, who has been in office for three years, said efforts to decrease taxes on residents played a part in the treatment plant’s neglect.

“There was a drive to push down taxes, lower millage rates,” he said. “It left not acknowledging to deal with the structural issues the city was facing.”

The wastewater plant is one of those items that ultimately got kicked down the road.

“Wastewater infrastructure is in dire need of replacement,” McCann said. “(It) needs to be replaced as soon as possible.”

The city’s more than 50-year-old tanks were purchased used in the 1980sThe city will break ground in 2025 on a new wastewater treatment plant.