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Winter Springs improving 5 stormwater ponds ahead of hurricane season

WINTER SPRINGS – Bucket after bucket of sand, dirt, decomposing leaves and grass is scooped out of one of five stormwater ponds under the city of Winter Springs' care.

"This is all about moving the water from one place to the other as efficiently and effectively as possible," said Matt Reeser, the city's communications officer.

This is day one of a project to improve the effectiveness of those ponds.

Winter Springs had significant flooding during Hurricane Ian, but that was a historic rain event which caused flooding all over. What they're not doing is making the ponds themselves any deeper. What they are doing is removing buildup of sediment from in front of the stormwater pipe. When that stuff gets in front of that pipe, it makes it harder for the water to clear.

"Dirt and grit that comes in off the streets, you have debris from trees, leaves, all of that stuff gets into the stormwater pipe and moves toward the stormwater ponds and as that builds up it backs up into the streets," Reeser said.

A few weeks ago, crews were clearing sediment out of creeks and streams to make them flow better. Now this is the same effort to clear the outflow from stormwater pipes, to reduce any flooding threats.

"You're not going to stop all of it, but the better you can manage the stormwater runoff, the less likely you'll have severe impacts from flooding," Reeser said.

A grant is paying for 75% of the $169,000 for the work, leaving the city to pay about $42,000 – all to make the system in place work the way it was designed.

"Minimizing the impacts of heavy rains and flooding," Reeser said.

They hope to have it all done in a few weeks.