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Metadata Summary: SJRWMD Radar Rainfall Estimates

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data
Name of Data Source: SJRWMD Radar Rainfall Estimates
Number of Water Resources Sampled: Unknown
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): SJRWMD_RAINFALL
Description of Datasource: Radar-based rainfall estimates are based on Doppler weather radar images that are calibrated with actual precipitation measurements to estimate rainfall amounts for each of the 2 x 2 kilometer grid cells in the District.
Method of Transferring Data to the Atlas: Automated transfer via FTP
How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Monthly
Data Current on Atlas as of: Not Available

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: This component displays rainfall estimates and is designed to allow temporal and spatial comparison of rainfall amounts, not exact rainfall quantities.

Custodian Information:
St. Johns River Water Management District
Water Resource Information
Watershed Action Volunteers
Surface Water Quality Monitoring

Contact Name:
Contact Phone: (386) 329-4339
Contact E-mail:
Contact URL:
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