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US EPA Finalizes Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Florida

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized protective standards to help reduce water pollution that causes harmful algae blooms... which can produce toxins harmful to humans, animals and ecosystems across the state of Florida. The blooms are caused by phosphorous and nitrogen pollution from excess fertilizer, stormwater and wastewater that flows off land into waterways. The final standards set specific numeric limits on the amount of nutrient pollution allowed in Florida's lakes, rivers, streams and springs.... Currently, more than 1,900 rivers and streams, 375,000 acres of lakes, and 500 square miles of estuaries are known to be impaired by nutrients in Florida.

These new standards will become effective 15 months from now, allowing cities, towns, businesses, other stakeholders and the state of Florida a full opportunity to review the standards and develop strategies for implementation while Florida continues to recover from the current economic crisis....