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EPA Urges Municipal Utilities to Test for Chemical in Tap Water

The Environmental Protection Agency is suggesting that water utilities nationwide test their drinking water for hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen, after an independent survey released this week found the chemical in tap water drawn from 31 cities, including Miami and Tallahassee.

The EPA said on Dec. 22nd that it is issuing guidance to the utilities explaining how to test for the chemical but is not requiring tests at this time. The agency said it will also give technical help to the 31 cities identified in the survey so they can set up a monitoring and sampling procedure for hexavalent chromium.

There is no federal limit for the amount of hexavalent chromium that can be in drinking water. The EPA is reviewing emerging science on the question to determine if the chemical's presence in drinking water poses a clear threat to public health and whether a limit should be set. (Source: Palm Beach Post)