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Fla. House Committee Passes Three Controversial Bills Affecting Water Quality

Three of the most controversial environmental and agricultural bills to emerge prior to the 2011 legislative session were approved on Tuesday by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee, which approved bills dealing with septic tanks, local fertilizer regulations and agricultural exemptions from water management district permits.

HB 13 would repeal the Senate Bill 550 requirement in 2010 that septic tanks be inspected every five years. The Legislature voted in November to delay implementation from Jan. 1 to July 1 in response to complaints from affected homeowners.
HB 457 would prohibit local governments from regulating fertilizer use unless they use a state model ordinance. A similar bill was filed last year in response to Pinellas County banning the sale of lawn fertilizer during the summer rainy season.
HB 421 would specify the exemption in state law dating back to 1984 for activities that divert water flow or affect wetlands