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Local Leaders Launch "" Initiative

This week, the Florida Association of Counties, in partnership with the Florida League of Cities and Florida School Boards Association, announced the formation of a new collaborative of local leaders dedicated to promoting grassroots-driven, home rule solutions to Florida's most pressing issues. The new initiative, dubbed simply "" was officially kicked off with the release of a short, 2-minute web-video featuring dozens of local elected officials urging Tallahassee politicians to keep in mind that "government closest to people, governs best."

"We believe that the best ideas usually come from the grassroots," said Candace Lankford, a Volusia County school board member who chairs the new coalition. "And that's where the best decisions are made, too. is a new movement with a time-tested message. We want to empower Florida's towns and taxpayers to protect local decision-making--it's that simple." is an initiative of civic leaders working to empower Florida's towns and taxpayers to protect local, grassroots decision-making. It is guided by the simple principle that government closest to the people, governs best.

Source: Florida Association of Counties website