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Protecting water flows and levels focus of Sanford meeting

The St. Johns River Water Management District will hold a public meeting on July 28 in Sanford to discuss the development of strategies to protect the long-term health of water bodies in Seminole and north Orange counties.

District staff are working with regional stakeholders to develop prevention and recovery strategies for water bodies where minimum flows and levels (MFLs) are not being met or are projected not to be met within 20 years.

MFLs are predetermined minimum water flows and levels for surface water and groundwater designed to ensure that water withdrawals will not cause significant harm to the water resources or the ecology of the area. Establishing MFLs and evaluating their status are important parts of the District's work to plan for adequate water supplies while also protecting water bodies from significant harm.

Discussion at the July 28 meeting will focus on protecting the following lakes and springs in Seminole and north Orange counties: lakes Brantley, Mills, Prevatt and Sylvan, and Palm, Sanlando and Starbuck springs. The District has held similar meetings throughout its 18-county region as part of its ongoing work to collaborate with stakeholders in developing long-term comprehensive strategies to achieve MFLs.

If the existing flow or level of a water body is below or projected in 20 years to fall below established MFLs, then a recovery strategy must be implemented to restore the system to the established MFLs or a prevention strategy implemented to prevent the system from falling below the established MFLs. Visit the MFLs section of the District's website for additional information about MFL prevention and recovery strategy development.

The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the Sanford City Hall Commission Chambers, 300 N. Park Avenue.