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FDEP Announces TMDL Tracker Web App is Available for Public Access

The DEP Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration is pleased to let you know about the availability of TMDL Tracker Release 2.0, a web application that allows users to retrieve information regarding TMDLs throughout Florida. This application is available through the DEP Business Portal at:

Once there, select View, Reports, and Water to find the Total Maximum Daily Load Tracker (TMDL) link.

TMDL Tracker Release 2.0 provides easy access to published TMDL documents and information through the internet, allowing you to:

  • Download TMDL documents through the Report link;
  • Obtain a snapshot of TMDL information filtered by DEP District, TMDL Document Status (e.g., DEP Adopted by Rule, DEP Draft), or Pollutant through the Dashboard link, Water Quality Dashboard tab;
  • Obtain a snapshot of Assessment information filtered by DEP District, Assessment Category, or Basin Group through the Dashboard link, Assessment tab;
  • Search for information and reports based on Waterbody Name, WBID (Waterbody Segment ID), Wastewater Facility ID or Wastewater Facility Name. This tool also allows you to search spatially in areas important to you using latitude and longitude coordinates. These searches are through the Dashboard link, Permits tab.

Additional guidance on how to access water quality assessments information through TMDL Tracker is provided in the attached document and is available through the User Help link in the application.

Please contact Scott McCord if you have any questions regarding TMDL Tracker.