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Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: 1,000 Miles in 100 Days

One thousand miles. That's how far a group of people will be walking through the heart of Florida. And they'll do it for 100 days straight - through swamps, cattle pasture and subdivisions on the creeping edge of suburbia.

They're not just doing it to get their feet wet. It's called the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition.

They're doing it to focus public attention on protecting connected wild areas to create a wildlife corridor from the Everglades to Georgia. Much of that corridor has been fragmented, leaving many animals vulnerable in much of their natural range.

They'll trek through the Shark Valley Slough, delve into the watery heart of the Everglades, skirt around Lake Okeechobee and slog up the Kissimmee River Valley.

The team will document the corridor through photography, video streams, radio reports as well as daily updates on social media and digital networks.

We recently spoke with photojournalist Carlton Ward Jr., documentary filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus and bear biologist Joe Guthrie as they prepared for the journey.

You can learn more about the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition by going to their web site.