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Bill Condemned by Environmentalists as Public-land Giveaway is Likely Dead, Sponsor Says

A bill environmentalists say would result in the giveaway of thousands of acres of state land is likely dead this session, the bill's sponsor said Thursday.

HB 1103 deals with the dividing line between private land and public submerged land. Agriculture groups complain that landowners are required to pay taxes on property along waterways that usually is dry but is classified as state-owned because it occasionally floods.

Environmental groups and former U.S. Sen Bob Graham had urged legislators to oppose the bill. Rep. Tom Goodson, R-Rockledge and the bill's sponsor, said Thursday he thinks there isn't enough time for the House to pass the measure during the 2012 session.

"I would assume right now, sir, you could say it's not going anywhere," Goodson said.