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Check Out the Redesigned Sarasota Water Atlas Home Page!

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As part of development work sponsored by New College of Florida, the Sarasota County Water Atlas home page has received a facelift. We hope that you will find the new landing page more graphically appealing and that you will be able to find content on the Sarasota Water Atlas more easily. If you don't, you can continue to use the "old" home page, which is just a click away.

In time, we plan to restyle the remaining pages of the atlas to graphically complement the new home page, and to perform the same retooling on all the sites in the Water Atlas family.

Your feedback about the new home page design is invaluable to us as we proceed with this effort. We invite you to take a short survey to give us your thoughts (link below).

Thank you for using the Sarasota County Water Atlas!
—The Water Atlas Team