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Aquifer Recharge Conference to convene in Orlando on Sept. 10-11

The American Ground Water Trust will hold the 12th annual recharge program on September 10 and 11, 2012. The program will have a focus on Florida and will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Orlando Airport.

This annual event provides a unique opportunity for information exchange among planners, water managers, engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, utility operators, water re-use and aquifer recharge consultants, water treatment specialists, water well contractors, city and county government, regulatory authorities, environmental NGOs, water attorneys and interested citizens.

The 2012 program will include 20+ presentations on aquifer management and aquifer recharge issues. Topics will include the status of permits for recharge projects, hydraulic fracturing of the Floridan Aquifer and a series of presentations addressing the impacts of rising sea levels on Florida’s coastal aquifers.

Since 1999, the American Ground Water Trust has convened 31 conference programs that have featured aquifer storage. The Trust’s mission-focus on resource sustainability and effective ground water management is the rationale for our promotion of information-exchange on water management issues and our showcasing of aquifer storage technologies.

There is a strong ongoing need to need to educate the public, convince regulatory authorities and capture the imagination of water managers about the economic and environmental benefits of creative use of sub-surface water resources and storage potential. Rising demand, ongoing drought conditions in many parts of the US and predictions of the hydrologic implications of climate change more than justify increased attention to the benefits of aquifer recharge.

Source: American Ground Water Trust

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