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Seminole County declares State of Local Emergency establishing a burn ban

Seminole County has signed an Executive Order to establish a burn ban due to the current and forecasted dry conditions. This is in accordance with Florida Statute Chapter 252.38 (3)(a)(5) that gives the county the authority to declare a State of Local Emergency.

The Declaration of State of Local Emergency states that dry conditions and the imminent potential for further forest and brush fires pose a serious threat to the lives and property of the residents of Seminole County and a State of Local Emergency is hereby declared, effective immediately. This State of Emergency shall be effective for all of Seminole County, Florida. The State of Local Emergency shall remain in effect until the average Keetch-Byram Drought Index in Seminole County reaches 500 and at that time the order shall be reviewed and either extended or rescinded based on weather projections.

The general public is hereby prohibited from conducting any open burning including any campfires, bonfires, trash burning and any other similar open incineration without a burning authorization issued by the Florida Division of Forestry while this Order is in effect.

Seminole County encourages citizens to take this opportunity to reduce the risk of wildfires around their homes by following these safety tips:

  • Prune all branches around the residence to a height of 8 to 10 feet. Keep trees adjacent to buildings free of dead or dying limbs and moss. Remove all dead limbs, needles and debris from rain gutters.
  • Avoid open burning completely, especially during this dry season.
  • Regularly dispose of newspapers and rubbish.
  • Rake leaves, dead limbs and twigs. Clear flammable vegetation from around and under structures.
  • Remove dead branches that extend over the roof.
  • Store flammable materials in approved safety cans.
  • Keep items available that can be used as fire tools, such as a rake, handsaw, chainsaw, bucket and shovel.
  • Never throw a lighted cigarette from the window of a vehicle or walk off and leave a burning cigarette.
For more information about wildfire prevention, call the Seminole County Department of Public Safety at 407-665-5175 or visit