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Proposed amendment would ban new local fertilizer ordinances for three years

Bruce Ritchie

A proposed bill amendment would ban local governments from enacting new fertilizer ordinances other than a state model ordinance while a panel is appointed to study the issue.

Lawn care firms and their allied business groups have been at odds with cities, counties and environmental groups over fertilizer legislation for the past four years.

Supporters of legislation warn there will be a patchwork of local regulations unless the state steps in to require adherence to the model state ordinance.

Some local governments and environmental groups say stronger action sometimes is needed by cities and counties to protect local waterways.

The proposed amendment by Rep. Jake Raburn, R-Lithia, would enact a three-year ban on new fertilizer ordinances beginning on July 1, unless they are the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's state model fertilizer ordinance. Ordinances adopted between March 4 and July 1 will not be enforced unless they are the DEP model ordinance.