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New springs bill revised to remove language objectionable to ag groups, home builders

A proposed rewrite of a Senate springs bill filed on Monday would provide $55 million for projects and would revise language that raised concerns with homebuilders and agricultural groups.

SB 1576 is scheduled to be heard Tuesday (Apr. 22nd) by the Senate Committee on Appropriations during an all day meeting in which more than 50 bills are on the agenda.

Springs across the state have become covered with slimy algae as nitrogen in groundwater has increased. Sources of nitrogen include lawn and agricultural fertilizer, stockyards, septic tanks, dirty stormwater runoff and sewage plant discharges.

Environmentalists offered a mixed response to the proposed new bill language. A representative of the Florida Cattlemen's Association said the language was better and that the group is not supporting or opposing the bill because it still is being worked on.