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SJRWMD proclaims April as Springs Protection Awareness Month

The St. Johns River Water Management District's Governing Board continues to demonstrate its commitment to springs protection, today approving for the third consecutive year a proclamation designating April as Springs Protection Awareness Month. The annual designation helps increase awareness about the importance of Florida's springs and encourages residents and stakeholders to participate in enhancing the quality and flow of springs.

"Florida's springs are essential to our environment, our regional economy and our quality of life. This proclamation recognizes the district's continued commitment to implementing projects to conserve and restore our spring systems," said District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle.

Sen.Charles Dean and Rep. Elizabeth Porter introduced resolutions to the Florida Legislature last month declaring April as Springs Protection Awareness Month. Water management districts across the state are joining the Legislature in recognizing the importance of increasing public awareness about the value of springs.

The district has worked with other agencies for many years through various programs to increase knowledge and understanding about the region's springs, while also working to protect springs systems. Currently, nearly two dozen springs protection projects are under way in the Silver Springs, Wekiwa Spring and Volusia Blue Spring systems.

The district's Springs Protection Initiative combines science, projects, planning and regulatory programs to reduce nitrate loading and protect spring flows. The initiative brings together science, district regulatory programs, projects and outreach in a focused approach to achieve springs protection. The district also is collaborating with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences(UF/IFAS) and the UF Water Institute on a scientific investigation into the health of springs to enhance its scientific foundation, which will lead to the most effective restoration and protection actions. The interpretation of the data and findings is expected to conclude in mid-2017.

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