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St. Johns River Management District demonstrates irrigation audit to promote water conservation

In many cases, the greatest use of water by people is outdoors for lawn and landscape irrigation. To encourage efficient irrigation, the St. Johns River Water Management District recently demonstrated the process.

"April is Water Conservation Month, and we are excited for the chance to highlight ways everyone can contribute to saving water, both indoors and outdoors," said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. "By addressing seemingly minor leaks at your home or business you have the opportunity to save both water and money."

In addition to checking for broken or misdirected sprinklers, an irrigation audit considers the amount and method used to water lawns and landscapes. The district recently conducted an irrigation audit at its headquarters in Palatka, as staff evaluated the overall irrigation system and assessed the condition of the plants. The audit revealed no leaks and that the drought-tolerant landscape, comprised of plants that survive without rainfall or irrigation for short periods of time, are healthy and receive an appropriate amount of water.

April has been formally recognized as Water Conservation Month in Florida for the past 18 years as April is typically a dry month when water demands are higher due to springtime planting and increasing temperatures.

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