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Longwood project benefits water supply and water quality

MAITLAND – A stormwater holding area in Longwood is undergoing work that will benefit water supply and water quality. The St. Johns River Water Management District contributed $134,710 to the project through its cost-share program.

"Our cost-share program is an incredible tool for supporting community partners who share our focus on providing alternative water supplies and improved water quality," said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. "Projects like this are a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving positive results."

"This is a marquee project that will achieve significant nutrient reduction and water quality improvements for the Wekiva River Basin and be of great benefit to the businesses and residents of the City of Longwood," said Longwood Mayor Joseph Durso. "On behalf of the City, I would like to thank our partners at the State for working collaboratively on this project."

The project entails demolition of an outdated wastewater treatment plant, reconstruction of a stormwater pond, and the installation of pumps and piping.

When complete, the project is intended to provide an alternative water supply for irrigation, improve flood protection and contribute to improved water quality. Specific benefits of the work include:

  • Reconstruction of a storage pond that will double its size and capture stormwater runoff from an industrial park. Collected stormwater will provide an alternative water supply for irrigation, replacing potable groundwater used to irrigate a nearby city park and hospital.
  • Following demolition of a nearby wastewater treatment plant, flows will be redirected to another plant that treats the wastewater to a higher degree of nutrient removal, resulting in improved water quality.
  • Protection of spring flows by reducing the demand for surface and groundwater withdrawals within the springshed and the Central Florida Water Initiative area.

The total construction cost is $538,840. Other funding partners are the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ($134,710) and the city of Longwood ($269,420). For more information about the district's cost-share program, visit