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Residents near Seminole County lakes desperate for water to recede

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, residents living near Lake Harney are asking people to drive slow through flooded streets.

"Some people come really fast through here and I've requested a No Wake Zone sign form the sheriff's department to see if they can come put that up here,” said resident Sarah Procell.

She added that they are going on eight days without power, but she’s grateful the flood waters haven’t reached her home. "You can see we have a couple more feet, so it's going back down. I'm just hoping we don't get any more hurricanes and no more rain," said Procell.

Several residents have left for higher ground.

Residents near Lake Jessup would like to know when the lake will crest.

Laker Harney has already crested, but the St. John’s River has not.

County officials said it may crest Monday nigh