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Seminole will appeal sky-high water rate increases approved by Public Utilities Commission

Seminole County commissioners voted Tuesday to mount a court challenge to the Public Service Commission’s recent approval of drastic water and wastewater rate hikes for tens of thousands of Central Florida homeowners.

County attorneys pointed to a state law that says the Public Service Commission shall “fix rates which are just, reasonable, compensatory, and not unfairly discriminatory.”

“It’s clear that it’s not reasonable,” Seminole Commissioner Lee Constantine said about the dramatic rate increase by Utilities Inc. of Florida scheduled to go into effect in coming weeks.

“I’m very strongly in favor in pursuing this action,” he said before joining three other county commissioners in voting to file the appeal.

Chuck Scales, president of the Sweetwater Oaks homeowners association, a west Seminole neighborhood of nearly 1,400 homes, applauded the move by commissioners to appeal the Aug. 3 decision by state regulators.