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District commends Altamonte Springs for award-winning water reuse project

The St. Johns River Water Management District’s Governing Board is commending the city of Altamonte Springs for its award-winning work to expand water resources in Florida. The city’s pureALTA Potable Reuse Demonstration Pilot was recently named the 2017 WaterReuse Innovative Project of the Year at the national WaterReuse Symposium in Phoenix, Ariz.

“The city of Altamonte Springs is a pioneer in water reuse, and we are proud to be the city’s funding partner as its leaders explore this innovative approach to sustainable water supply,” said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. “I’m confident the city’s work will help guide future generations who share our commitment to ensuring sustainable use of Florida’s water.”

“We are honored to accept the 2017 WaterReuse Innovative Project of the Year Award for the pureALTA project. Developing alternative water supplies are critical to Florida’s future generations. Through pureALTA, the City of Altamonte Springs has created a sustainable water model that can be adapted and replicated nationally,” said Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz. “We are thankful for the partnership of St. Johns River Water Management District. Together we form a powerful team.”

The city’s potable reuse pilot provides the city the opportunity to expand water resources and build a safe, sustainable way to meet long-term water supply demands. Beyond producing purified water that meets all drinking water quality standards, the pilot will produce data that can be used to develop a regulatory framework for potable reuse, serve as a model for similar projects in the region and provide educational opportunities.

The district provided $500,000 in funding to the project through its cost-share program, which funds projects that assist in creating sustainable water resources, provide flood protection or enhance conservation efforts.