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Retention pond overflows, forcing couple from their home

A couple forced out of their home after the heavy rains of Hurricane Irma are blaming a nearby I-4 retention pond for the problem.

Water overflowed that pond, surrounding two homes on Lake Oaks Boulevard near Longwood.

Dan Kinchen has photos that show the water at its highest point.

"The water came up and surrounded us, like an island," Kinchen said.

Kinchen said water never got into his house, but he said he believes the damage is a direct result of the crawl space being inundated with water.

"Our doors started not to close, and (were) getting stuck. That's how we knew that something was wrong," Kinchen said. "The house is shifting."

Kinchen said he shared drone footage of the Florida Department of Transportation-owned retention area that is intended to catch I-4 runoff water. He said the pond failed during Hurricane Irma.

"The rains, the feeder bands, filled the pond, and what dirt, what little barrier was there, breached," Kinchen said.

"What we want to find out is what was going on with this retention pond," said Steve Olson, public information manager for the Florida Department of Transportation.

FDOT said it's working with its contractor to figure out what happened and how to prevent a repeat occurrence.