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Seminole crews investigate water main break

Seminole County emergency crews are looking into what they are calling a "depression" on Long Pond Road in Longwood.

At the intersection of Orange Ridge Road and Long Pond Road it's down to one lane as crews put up construction barricades for safety. There is a lot of curiosity from residents in the area. Manny Vivar lives in the area and brought his kids to check it out.

"It's pretty crazy," Vivar said of the depression.

Seminole County Emergency Manager Allan Harris said there was a water main break at the location. Bruce Erickson, the president of the neighborhood association, noticed the water Monday.

"It was looking pretty scary at around 6 o'clock, there was water gushing up," said Erickson.

Leslie Canal said her family didn't have any water at her home Monday night. It came back on around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

"We are not sure why it opened up so wide," said Canal.

Harris said the Seminole County Road engineers took samples and are looking into exactly what happened. They are not ruling out a sinkhole. Erickson said he doesn't believe it is a sinkhole, however.

"I spoke with a geologist (Tuesday) and he said from what I told him this doesn’t meet the legal limit of a sinkhole in Florida. I cannot spout chapter and verse on that."