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Florida DEP announces “Septic Upgrade Incentive” program

Program will help reduce excessive nutrients in Florida’s springs

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is announcing a Septic Upgrade Incentive Program to improve water quality and protect Florida's outstanding springs. The incentive program encourages homeowners to enhance conventional septic systems by adding advanced features to reduce nitrogen pollution.

This Septic Upgrade Incentive Program is designed to offset homeowner costs by providing certified installers and licensed plumbers with up to $10,000 after the installation of enhanced nitrogen-reducing features to existing septic systems located in targeted areas within eligible counties. This incentive effectively reduces the costs to the homeowner for the septic system upgrades. Designated areas are identified and delineated by DEP as Priority Focus Areas in Citrus, Hernando, Leon, Marion, Orange, Pasco, Seminole, Volusia and Wakulla counties. View the Priority Focus Area map to see if a home location is in an eligible area.

Eligible enhancements include retrofitting septic tanks with advanced pre-treatment, recirculating aerobic treatment units, or replacing traditional septic tanks with upgraded nutrient-reducing technology. Visit the Florida Department of Health's webpage for more information about onsite treatment and disposal systems.

The incentives are available for payment directly to septic system installers and licensed plumbers retained by homeowners to update existing systems, and must be pre-approved by the department prior to the commencement of work.

Septic system installers and licensed plumbers can find complete instructions regarding how to participate, as well as the application for reimbursement by visiting the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program webpage or calling toll-free 1-866-601-6910.