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Riverkeeper: 'Alarming' findings in annual St. Johns River report

Environmentalists, including the St. Johns Riverkeeper, are calling the latest report on the St. Johns River alarming.

The report shows an increase in phosphorus, metals and more loss of wetlands.

The Riverkeeper says an increase in phosphorus could fuel blue-green algae breakouts. When the river’s health is in decline, it could have impacts for everyone, including some fishermen like Michael Harvilicz.

Harvilicz, who caught a fish on Monday, says not all of the fish he’s caught look as good.

“It’s sad because it’s an almost cancer-like condition, they’re very gross and wouldn’t think of taking these fish and eating them,” Harvilicz said.

The Vietnam veteran also says he caught a flesh-eating bacteria from the water.

“This is what you have to do if you’re throwing a net in,” Harvilicz says as he puts on rubber gloves. He wishes he could help keep the river healthy.