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Where has the water gone? Little Wekiva River left nearly dry

SEMINOLE COUNTY – Not only are we in hurricane season, but we are also in the rainy season.

Usually, that means people report rising waters. But one Seminole County neighborhood is experiencing a different and unexplained problem.

From the dock in her backyard that is on the Little Wekiva River, Jeanette Schreiber can only wonder.

“This was a beautiful thriving river,” said Schreiber, who has lived on the Little Wekiva River for 11 years.

You wouldn’t guess it, but what now looks like a walkway is where Jeanette Schreiber would take her kayaks and canoes for a paddle.

“Often would go from here to Katy’s Landing which is about 9 miles," Schreiber said. "The depth of the water and again was over my head, but it was always 3-5 feet.

In the last year and a half, the water has flowed elsewhere – and is now approaching other homes.

Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine said county staff briefed him on the issue just last week. He said he often gets calls about rising water issues but here it’s a different story.