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Technology turns algae, bio-solids into sustainable fuel at Altamonte Springs Wastewater

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS – Algae is choking many Central Florida lakes, with Lake Jesup as a prime example.

Imagine if the algae that's harmful in our lake waters could be beneficial. If it could be turned into something we need.

There is crude oil being made at a demonstration project set up at the Altamonte Springs Wastewater plant.

"Through heat and pressure, it does in minutes what it takes nature millions of years to do, convert bio-solids into fuel," Altamonte Spring city manager Frank Martz said.

The city has teamed with Aecom. The company has teamed with local water managers to actually harvest harmful algae out of Lake Jesup.

They're testing both algae and bio-solids. Using this system established to test the process, they're applying high pressure and high heat to take the carbon in algae and bio-solids to make fuel.