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Seminole County summer fertilizer rules now in effect

SEMINOLE COUNTY – As of June 1st, summer fertilizer rules are now in effect in Seminole County. These guidelines help protect waterways from harmful nutrient runoff during the rainy season. Heavy rainfall can wash nitrogen and phosphorous from yards into lakes, rivers, and springs, causing an overgrowth of algae that creates an imbalance with native plants and wildlife.

Homeowners and businesses should adhere to the guidelines below until September 30th.


  • Choose products labeled "summer blend" or those with micronutrients, iron, and/or manganese.
  • Use an iron foliar spray or granular product with potassium to enhance the green color of turf or feed flowering shrubs and trees.
  • Use deflector shields when applying fertilizer with a broadcast or rotary spreader.


  • Use products with nitrogen and/or phosphorous.
  • Apply fertilizer within 15 feet of a body of water.

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