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“Protecting Florida Together” water quality grants portal is now open

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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has opened the Water Quality Grants Portal for Fiscal Year 2022-23. DEP has launched this portal to provide eligible entities the opportunity to submit proposals for each fiscal year’s water quality grant programs.

This site is another way in which DEP continues to prioritize improved water quality through funding opportunities for Florida stakeholders by having grant information in a centralized location.

Available Grant Opportunities:


The Wastewater Grant Program is provided to governmental entities for eligible wastewater projects that reduce excess nutrient pollution within:

  • A basin management action plan (BMAP).
  • An alternative restoration plan adopted by final order.
  • A rural area of opportunity.

Proposals may be submitted for this grant through July 22, 2022.

Innovative Technologies

The Innovative Technologies Grant Program is available to local governmental entities for projects that evaluate and implement innovative technologies and short-term solutions to combat harmful algal blooms and nutrient enrichment; restore and preserve Florida’s fresh waterbodies; and implement certain water quality treatment technologies.

Proposals may be submitted for this grant through July 22, 2022.

Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast and Water Quality Improvement

This grant program continues the state’s partnership with local governmental entities to address water quality challenges.

Project proposals may include stormwater management, wastewater and other projects that will help improve the water quality in Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast or other areas of the state.

Proposals may be submitted for this grant through July 22, 2022.

Resilient Florida Grants Portal

This grant portal was created to help coastal and inland communities plan for the impacts of climate change, including flooding and sea level rise. The Resilient Florida program offers grants for community planning as well as grants to implement projects that adapt to impacts associated with flooding and sea level rise.?

Eligible entities may log in or register to submit a proposal.

The Resilient Florida Grants portal is open through September 1, 2022.

Visit the grants portal to learn more about these opportunities »