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Rising flood waters still a concern in some Seminole County areas

Floodwaters in Geneva have covered streets and rushed into homes

GENEVA – While flooding begins to decrease in certain parts of Seminole County, emergency officials warn some families remain in response mode as the water continues to rise. In Geneva, near Lake Harney floodwaters have covered streets and rushed into homes.

The lake is close to the St. Johns River, which has reached record flood stage for the St. John’s River above Lake Harney area. Families have watched the water extend farther inland through the weekend.

At Lake Harney Road, near N. Jungle Road, the lakefront begins before the pavement ends. John Carter and Bob Boulanger need a boat to get to their homes on nearby Whitcomb Drive.

“I was parked here a little bit on the corner [showing area near N. Jungle Rd] and I drove out yesterday,” said Bob Boulanger. “It was the last car out though.”

Boulanger and Carter waded out into knee high waters to show News 6 the impact of Ian up close. As the pair escorted our crew through the streets, the water quickly rose chest high. The corner where Lake Harney Road meets Whitcomb Drive is the deepest, they said.

“We’re at the deep end,” said Boulanger. “I think these first three houses, four houses are all flooded. The rest are just getting flooded.”

Boulanger says his next door neighbors had to be rescued by the National Guard and first responders in Seminole County Saturday. Some homeowners in the area did not have water intrude their houses until the weekend.