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Caught on camera: City crew’s robot finds alligator in stormwater pipe

OVIEDO – Footage captured Friday by a stormwater crew using a wheeled robotic camera found something lurking deep inside a city pipe.

The video, released by the Oviedo City Government, shows the moment the robot's camera came lens-to-face with an alligator.

Workers were trying to investigate "anomalies" in the pipe under the road after a number of potholes started to appear, a news release states.

In the video, as the camera travels further down the pipe, two glowing eyes are seen from far away.

The crew first thought they belonged to a toad, the release says, before the animal turned to reveal its true size.

Most likely confused, the roughly five-foot-long alligator backs up until the robot crashes into it.

The animal then turns its tail and darts away, still being chased by the crew's rolling camera.