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Oviedo pipe repair project set to finish in July after groundwater delay

A construction project that is almost done in Seminole County hit a snag recently.

For over 10 months, people living in the Carrillon subdivision of Oviedo have been navigating around a sewer pipe collapse along Lockwood Boulevard.

“It's been quite the project,” said project manager Dan Heacock.

Heacock said this project has been especially challenging because the pipe that collapsed is 30 feet underground. So Seminole County had to hire a contractor to access a pipe that deep.

“We have almost nothing that’s that deep in the county,” said Heacock. “It was a design build for community. So they put it together to do it the most economical way at the time, which was one lift station and it's got to roll downhill.”

Heacock said his plan the whole time was to fix the pipe before the school year starts. But recently, crews hit a snag which cost them a couple weeks.

“When we hit the 20-foot mark, we had groundwater just start pushing in from everywhere,” Heacock said.