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Flood-prone historic Seminole County neighborhood could get $7.2M in stormwater abatement

SEMINOLE COUNTY – Year after year and storm after storm, people living in a historic Seminole County community said they’re tired of dealing with flooding.

Eyewitness News has been telling you for years about the flooding issues the community of Midway has been dealing with.

Now, nearly $7.2 million will go to alleviate stormwater runoff, but one important thing has to happen to make it a reality: residents will be asked to give up a small portion of their easement.

That’s what held up the project before.

The county said it needs to be able to put the stormwater pipes and grates in, because right now there is no infrastructure in Midway.

The improvements are going to include the construction of storm drainage, the construction of storm drains structures, the widening of some existing stormwater channels, and the construction of stormwater management ponds.

“You’re going to see stormwater leave the neighborhood quicker,” project manager Jeff Sloman said.