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Seminole County leaders discuss 1,4-dioxane in water

SEMINOLE COUNTY – Seminole County discussed 1,4-dioxane at Tuesday's board meeting, according to officials.

The chemical, which is potentially carcinogenic, has been found in local water sources.

The discussion included motion by Seminole County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Amy Lockhart to write a letter to ask the Environmental Protection Agency for further guidelines related to 1,4 Dioxane.

Despite the fact that Seminole County’s water system is currently testing at safe levels based on guidance from the EPA, some commissioners want to ensure that policies are in place to keep the public informed on contaminants moving forward.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, some commissioners had been left in the dark, uninformed about the chemical prior to the Sentinel’s reporting. While the chemical is testing at lower levels now, Seminole County officials say that water from one facility tested at higher than recommended leaves in 2013.