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Drainage improvements coming to Sanford

SANFORD – Sanford officials say construction is underway to alleviate some of the flooding concerns in the city's historic Georgetown area.

The city of Sanford is adding extra pipes to help reduce flooding that can be seen during heavy rain events.

“We finally put two pipes through the seawall and that’s going to take some of the capacity from the other pipe that runs through (Fort Mellon) Park, which is 100 years old,” said Sanford Public Works Department project manager Jeff Davis.

Davis said the nearly $4 million project is focused specifically on alleviating the flooding that happens on 7th and 8th streets in Georgetown.

“What the water does is it ponds, and it doesn’t drain like it should,” he said. “So what we’re trying to do is add more volume to the infrastructure so that it does take it and move it out to the river quick enough.”