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Seminole’s new storm water pond to help ease flooding in Geneva

At a cost of nearly $2 million, Seminole County officials hope a new storm water drainage project completed this month in a rural spot near the St. Johns River will help alleviate flooding after most heavy rain events.

For years, homeowners along Retreat Road in Geneva have seen their properties become overwhelmed with water, even after heavy afternoon thunderstorms drop a few inches of rain during the summer months.

When hurricanes Ian in 2022 and Irma in 2017 brought more than 12 inches of rain to the area, many residents used canoes instead of cars for days afterwards.

This month, county officials celebrated the completion of a new storm water pond on roughly five acres near Mullet Lake Park, in addition to wider and deeper ditches along the mostly unpaved Retreat Road.

Those improved ditches will direct the storm water from the road via new pipes into the new pond that functions much like a bladder by storing the water temporarily.

Then, as the rain recedes, the water from the pond will flow back into the ditches and eventually into the surrounding wetlands and to the north-flowing St. Johns River.