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SJRWMD ready to assist partners amid unusual rainfall forecast


Dec. 14, 2023

PALATKA — Above-average rainfall is anticipated from today through the weekend, raising concerns for potential flooding in low-lying areas, regions with inadequate drainage, and coastal zones affected by high tides.

Rainfall forecasts continue to fluctuate. The District encourages all residents and visitors to be prepared for unusual rainfall over the weekend.

The St. Johns River Water Management District is actively monitoring the forecast and is prepared to collaborate with partners to optimize drainage in affected areas where possible. Across southern and central Florida, the District oversees a network of spillways, pump stations, levees and canals, providing additional flood protection to the region. Our current focus is on monitoring these control structures to ensure adequate storage capacity for the anticipated rainfall.

In areas without water control structures, flood protection relies on non-structural floodplain wetlands. Residents along the St. Johns River or in low-lying zones are encouraged to monitor rainfall forecasts and river levels on the District’s website at

To prepare for the anticipated rains, property owners should:

  • Maintain storm drains and ditches by removing debris.
  • Report any clogged ditches to local governments.
  • Avoid contact with floodwaters and refrain from drinking, wading or swimming in flooded areas.
Stay informed with the latest updates from your county’s Emergency Operations Center. These centers play a pivotal role in weather-related emergency responses, including state-of-emergency declarations, evacuations and rescue operations during flood-related disasters. The District remains available to aid local governments in their response and recovery efforts.

For more information, including flood statements and warnings, river stages, and local government emergency contacts, visit the District’s website at