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Jason Kirby volunteers with ‘SERV’ to help clean Seminole’s waterways

CASSELBERRY – There are people who love getting wet and muddy for a living, and there are people who love to volunteer to do that.

Everyday Hero Jason Kirby falls into both of those categories. He volunteers his time to clean up Central Florida’s waterways. It wasn’t his career path, but he happened to fall into it.

“My educational background is technology, so it couldn’t be further from what I went to school for,” Kirby said.

He went to school at Seminole State College, formerly known as Seminole Community College. It was a turning point in his life.

“As a little kid, I was the weird one playing around in swamps and catching snakes and turtles and things like that. So, I kind of fell into the industry right out of college,” Kirby said.

Kirby owns a Lake and Wetland Management Solutions Company, and loves it so much he volunteers to go into the water to yank invasive plants and replace them with good stuff. The goal is to keep water quality first rate. It’s not just plants, he’ll get rid of any trash he sees.

Kirby volunteers with the Seminole Education Restoration and Volunteer Program, SERV for short. It works to protect waterways through education and restoration projects. Education is also what he does with his young daughter.

“She just recently got involved, about a year ago,” Kirby said. “We have a lot of SERV events at several different water bodies throughout the county.”

To learn more about the SERV program that Kirby volunteers with, and to get involved, visit this page.