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The Atlas contains 264 water resources which includes 217 lakes and 47 rivers . Data recorded in the Atlas reaches back 124 years, starting on Monday, January 1, 1900. The most recent data is from Saturday, May 18, 2024. Over 106,402,178 data samples have been included in the Atlas! The samples came from over 62 data sources provided by 23 different data providers. These people and agencies have helped make the Atlas an integral tool for managing our water resources.

Geographic Information Systems Data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data consists largely of land mapping and spatial data and is used in a wide variety of fields. The lay of the land can affect almost every aspect of life, including an area's culture, government, environment, and commerce, making GIS information important to everyone. Fields such as anthropology, medical science, and natural science use GIS to measure and predict the impact of geography on a region. By mapping water resources, the Atlas provides spatial information useful to citizens, water management professionals, and scientists alike. The following core datasets are processed as part of geospatial analyses, the results of which are presented directly within Atlas components:

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GIS Dataset Name Data Custodian Data Current as of: More Information
Environmental Protection Agency Lake Regions Environmental Protection Agency 8/1/1996
EPA Impaired Waters & TMDL Data US Environmental Protection Agency 10/23/2017
FDEP Impaired Waters & TMDL Data Florida Department of Environmental Protection Not Available
FNAI Managed Lands / Conservation Data Florida Natural Areas Inventory 3/8/2019
Lake Assessment Data University of South Florida Water Institute 1/1/2004
Population Density (2000) U.S. Department of Commerce 1/1/2000
Population Estimates for Watersheds U.S. Department of Commerce 12/31/2021
SJRWMD 2000 Land Use/Land Cover St. Johns River Water Management District 9/1/2003
SJRWMD 2004 Land Use/Land Cover St. Johns River Water Management District 1/30/2007
SJRWMD 2009 Land Use/Land Cover St. Johns River Water Management District 7/30/2012
SJRWMD 2014 Land Use/Land Cover St. Johns River Water Management District 1/15/2019
SJRWMD Major Basin Delineations St. Johns River Water Management District 5/1/2009
SJRWMD Radar Rainfall Estimates St. Johns River Water Management District Not Available
SWFWMD Radar Rainfall Estimates Southwest Florida Water Management District Not Available
USGS 1:24,000 National Hydrography Dataset University of South Florida Water Institute 9/1/2009
Water Atlas Sample Site Locations University of South Florida Water Institute 9/1/2009
Waters Not Attaining Standards (WNAS) Florida Department of Environmental Protection Not Available

Supplemental GIS Data

Additional data avaiable for view on the Water Atlas' Advanced Mapping Application.

GIS Dataset Name Data Source Data Custodian Date Loaded Abstract
2012 Aerial Imagery Florida Department of Revenue Not Available 12/15/2014 True color, 1 foot resolution aerial imagery of Seminole County, Florida flown in 2012.
County Boundary Seminole County Property Appraiser's Office Not Available 10/24/2008 The GIS layer shows the official jurisdictional boundary of Seminole County.
FEMA Flood Hazard Zones Federal Emergency Management Agency Not Available 3/25/2011 The FEMA Q3 Flood Data product is a digital representation of certain features of FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) product, intended for use with desktop mapping and Geographic Information Systems technology. Digital Q3 Flood Data has been developed by scanning the existing FIRM hardcopy, vectorizing a thematic overlay of flood risks. The vector Q3 Flood Data files contain only certain features from the existing FIRM hardcopy.
Lake Bathymetry Seminole County Public Works The Water Institute at the University of South Florida 10/1/2008 The GIS layer shows lake depth for certain lakes within Seminole County using 2-foot contour lines.
Municipalities Not Available Not Available 4/16/2009 The GIS layer shows the municipal boundaries withing Seminole County as defined by ordinances submitted to Seminole County and tax district records.
Parcels Seminole County Property Appraiser Not Available 4/16/2009 The GIS layer graphically depicts land ownership in Seminole County, Florida.
Roads Seminole County, Business Innovation and Technology Services Not Available 4/16/2009 Seminole County street centerlines
Watersheds Seminole County Stormwater Engineering Not Available 9/1/2004 The GIS layer shows watershed/drainage basin boundaries within Seminole County.

Monitoring and Sampling Data

Citizens, scientists, and professionals all contribute to monitoring and sampling data in many ways. Citizens often provide information such as water levels data through volunteer programs. Scientists and professionals set up equipment at sampling stations for measuring attributes such as water quality and hydrology. They provide the data in various formats to the Atlas, which compiles, organizes, and presents the data to help people better understand the county's water resources.

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